Kawak Engineering

Kawak’s team of highly educated engineers utilizes 80+ years of collective experience in the aviation industry  to create progressively state-of-the-art designs throughout the aviation and defense sector.  Engineering philosophy at Kawak ensures all engineering staff are exposed to day-to-day manufacturing activities allowing design innovation to come from manufacturing experience as well.

Using state of the art software, Kawak’s engineers, are able to design digital models, creating three-dimensional (3D) virtual representations of the final product which enable us to validate form, fit, and functionality of a product before it is ever built.  Integrated Finite Element Analysis (FEA) tools allow quick design iterations based on assessment of strength and stiffness prior to release.  This ensures initial prototype designs meet and exceed expectations from the start and require reduced cost and effort to arrive at production-worthy products.  These FEA models are then submitted to the FAA for review by our close-knit team of DER’s for airworthiness review and approval for flight operations.

You can rely on our engineering staff to work diligently to provide simple, reasonable design solutions within the fields of aerial application, helicopter firefighting, aircraft propulsion installations, and auxiliary hydraulic systems.  Kawak’s unprecedented emphasis on performance, safety, and reliability guarantees maximum performance per dollar and ensures mission equipment is ready when you are.